Monday, April 28, 2014

Die, Winter, DIE!!

Recording artist, Israel Houghton, has a song called "Trading My Sorrows."


At about the 2:40 minute mark he says, "Joy comes in the morning.   Morning is not necessarily what has an 'AM' next to it.  Morning happens when you
<metaphorically> wake up. Joy is here!--WAKE UP! Good morning!!!"

I just love that. :)

I walked my daughter to PreK this morning.  My two youngest 'chiren' rode in my fabulous, like new, Delta, double, umbrella stroller that I am still tickled to report just paying $50 for on Oodle.com.

My neighbor's daughter is in class with my Cadence. After kissing our wee ones goodbye as though they'd be gone for days (class is 90 minutes Monday and Wednesday,) we ended up chatting for 30 minutes about taking personal responsibility for our circumstances and being sober enough to recognize the need for personal growth.

Spring has arrived on Long Island and it is stunningly beautiful as always.  Trees, bushes and plants are beginning to bloom and the colors just -POP- against the island's striking, blue sky.  The grass is coming back and all the green is just lovely, invigorating, inspiring.

April 2014 East Meadow, New York
I dug around in my own back yard this Saturday past and I'm still sore.  My hands have tender spots and my legs are aching, but it was worth it for I have the beginnings of a very relaxing and (fingers crossed!) visually pleasing oasis.

 (I am quite visually stimulated--it can cause me to feel euphoric or uncomfortably anxious.  Clutter, filth, a lack of order, and bland or unbalanced spaces affect my mood greatly.  I thrive in a bright, neat, warmly decorated environment.)

I toiled from 8AM until 1PM--we had a 2PM commitment.  I could not believe what I had been able to accomplish.  There was a time when a project like that would have overwhelmed me.  If you have ever relocated a rock garden you know how slow the going is and how you must be patient; for the reward comes much later after much labor.
I raked and I pushed and I heaved pavers around.  I pulled up long wooden borders, reworked the fence to protect the grass I'm trying to grow.  I swept, I hosed, I poured mulch.  I was able to formulate a plan in my head, and accomplish my goal without compromise or giving up.

I couldn't have done that a year ago.  I praise God for how far into my recovery he has brought me.  The moment was huge.  Here was a woman who four years ago struggled to bathe, get out of bed, get dressed, feed and care for one baby and now! I was poppin' out of bed at 7AM, there was a whole cooked chicken already prepared for my family, I accomplished more than I ever dreamed in the yard, then prepared three little kids for an afternoon event outside and enjoyed the rest of the day with friends.  Incredible.  What a mighty God we serve.

So, here is my spin on Israel Houghton's joyful musings. Spring comes after the winter. Spring is not necessarily what has a month of the year attached to it.  Spring happens when you leave your winter behind, complete the hard work, allow the Son in, and watch what grows!

April 2014 Hempstead, New York
I wasted so much of my life being sick, being stagnate, being stuck in a miserable rut.  I will never waste another spring again.  For Jesus came so that I may have life and have it more abundantly--an extraordinary life, a remarkable and more excellent life!! 

Any chance I get I want to GROW GROW GROW!!  Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new! (II Corinthians 5:17)  Die, winter, DIE!!

I raked and I pushed and I heaved my old mentality and negative life patterns around.  I have pulled up longtime bad habits, reworked the fences to protect the relationships I'm trying to grow.  I swept, I hosed, I poured myself before the Lord and begged Him to help me change.  

And then the Son shined on me!  He gave me LIFE!!  I finally have an excellent life! A remarkable life!! An extraordinary life--and it just keeps getting better.

April 2014 East Meadow, New York
And finally, by the power of His word and the leading of the Holy Spirit I have been able to apply precept upon precept (Isaiah 28:10), and accomplish many of my goals without compromise and without giving up. In Him I live and move and have my being (Acts 17:28) and I'll never ever ever waste another spring again.

Ooowee--Just last week I had to 'pull up some weeds' and do some other 'garden maintenance' that left my feelings sore and my mind exhausted.  But, victory was mine--I'm already witnessing the growth from letting the Son in on that situation. I'll tell you all about that next time......

Thank you for joining me today.  Now won't you Holla Back!! in the comments with "Just let the Son in!!"  And, all my Southern California peeps, please be sure to check out my Featured Friend below.  Until next time...

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