Sunday, May 4, 2014

Decaf At Dusk and Thoughts of His Love

I had just finished watering my lawn, or I should say--my dirt.  I sipped my decaf coffee on my brand new gliding bench, enjoying a rare moment of quiet as the sun made its final decent, when way out in front of me, up up in the sky, I saw a plane approaching.

September 11th did something to my brain when it comes to planes.
 I am now terrified to fly and it has nothing to do with a fear of high-jackers.  The event somehow romanticized the idea of flight--but in a dramatic, anxiety ridden, classic thriller sort of way.  It seems now to be more magic than science keeping the craft in the sky.  The way I'm in awe every time I look into the sky, you'd think all the occupants were headed to the moon instead of say--Cleveland.

So, I was looking up in the sky at this plane like a freak when my thoughts slowed down enough to be decipherable.  -Wow- I thought.  All that life on that plane.  All those experiences and emotions.  All those stories.  There might be some 200 people up there--just think of all the ones down here who love them so much.

Then it hit me.  The plane looked tiny and I could barely imagine the people, yet God knew the answers to every one of my wonders.  He knows all of their names, their stories, their experiences--He knows how many hairs are (or aren't) on each one of their heads!  He knows who is connected to whom down here on terra firma, He knows where they're headed and why, what they're running from or to.

I felt such a love wash over me that we are so tiny to God, yet He knows all.  We here on earth see all that humanity fly over head nearly every day and don't even give it a second thought--it's just a plane.  But, He knows every pain, every dream, every heartache, and every joy on that plane.

Humanity just seems so much more fragile thousands of feet above the ground.  I always feel like I'm at death's door when I fly and it always feels like an epic miracle when we make it from point A to point B.  So, in my mind flight is a perfect metaphor for God's grace.

Sometimes, we fly aimlessly through life feeling small and insignificant.  Everybody on the ground just sees another plane.  But, God knows your name, what type of ticket you bought, your flight number, and the itinerary you think you created.  More than likely, when you reach your destination He'll gently set you down and you won't even realize it or think to say thank you.

I want to say THANK YOU, for it is of the Lord's mercies that I am not consumed.  (Lamentations 3:22)  I thank you for always being mindful of me--for comforting me through the turbulence, for guiding me through the storm.  I thank you for being faithful and merciful when I forget that I don't even know how to fly.  I thank you, Lord.  Oh, how I thank you.