Saturday, June 28, 2014

[Anxiety Series Part 4] Remedy Recipes Are All Different And Unique w/ special guest AmberJae Christian

"There is no cookie cutter plan of action,
no one-size-fits all remedy,
no magic pill that fixes everyone's problems equally."
Meds, Coffee and Prayer 

Watch this short video to learn how AmberJae 
discovered the root of her anxiety and changed her life forever.  

I'm on vacation right now, but I'm excited to look into what Amber is talking about for myself when I get home!  

Getting mentally healthy can be as complicated as a game of Pick Up Sticks.  The road to finding your Recipe for Maximum Total Body Health may initially be filled with setbacks and frustration as you do the work to figure out what truly makes you tick.

Over the years I've come to accept with confidence that I have a chemical imbalance that is currently being successfully managed with escitalopram.  Managing my Bipolar II uncovered and illuminated a serious issue with anxiety.
As you all know, I have boots on my feet and a pack on my back and I am humping down the road of discovery to find the roots of and the remedy for my anxiety!

I am curious to know how my anxiety irritates or contributes to my unmedicated Bipolar symptoms, but I am not led at this moment to quit my meds and find out.  Yikes!

One of the reasons I clicked with Amber Jae and her message is that I've never been married to or defined myself by my diagnoses.  I've never considered them as anything more than one of the many clues that may lead me to achieving a better quality of life.

This has allowed me to be open to an evolving Recipe of Healthy Pie instead of just relying on one pill.
As Amber Jae said, whatever you do, it is wise to discuss everything with your doctor first, but you are missing out if you do not consider everything!

--diet, exercise, environment, friends, spirituality, gratitude, sleep, dehydration, vitamins, supplements, alcohol, sugar, protein, hypoglycemia, thyroid, routine, structure, balance.  I encourage you to think outside the box!  Consider it all!
And don't forget that we are all different.  What works for me might not only not work for someone else--it may even trigger someone else.  Sometimes simply being a positive, encouraging, celebratory partner, even if you don't understand is such a blessing to someone making their way down the road of self discovery.

If you enjoyed AmberJae's video and message or have any questions won't you please contact her and Holla Back!

Website http://www.sototallyloved.org/

So, what does your Healthy Pie consist of?  Let us know what is working for you!  Until next time, all my crazy crazy love.....


It is my pleasure to introduce to you AmberJae Christian! the inspiration behind this post.

She is a wife and mother of four boys and she loves God with all her heart.  Here is a snippet of AmberJae's's bio found on her website http://sototallyloved.org :

".....the greatest title I carry is daughter, child of God (our Creator) and friend of Jesus--the Savior of the whole world....I wouldn't even be sitting here today sharing Him with you if He hadn't saved me from myself in 2002!..."

We found each other on Google+ when she recommended that I consider some additional, possible root causes of my anxiety.  What she had to share so moved me that I immediately asked her to share part of her story on my blog.

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