Friday, April 18, 2014

The Random Railways Express

Good morning, Lovies.  Thank you for riding with Random Railways.  Please fasten your seat belt and prepare for your journey to No Where.  I am your conductor, Nyla, and I will take good care of you today.

If you look to your right you'll see me just waking up, co-sleeping with my litter of one.  My ponytail is wild and curly.....I'm like a mama Lhasa Apso with her pup....but with an iphone.  On the iphone is today's reading.  It's about David chasing that whacky King Saul--now there's a guy who needed some meds.

And now on your left you'll my two oldest angels.  They do NOT wake up fuzzy headed.  They gain consciousness and throw themselves out of bed screaming: HELLLLLLO, NEW DAY!!!  LET'S DO THIS!  .........who does that?

That there in the distance are the stairs and we are coming up to a very special part of my Fuzzy Friday Morning.  A part that is precious, near and dear to my heart: my coffee cupboard.  Yessss here it is.  I put the mug with water into the microwave.  During the two minute wait, I weigh myself--30lbs left to go before I hit my goal, let Shyne outside, -----now do you see Eeyore over there?  That's not Eeyore.  That's me surveying the mess in the kitchen from last night.  How long will it take to clean....days. weeks. months. who knows.

Saved by the bell.  Alright folks, please take your seats.  Random Railways can get a little bumpy once caffeine is on the scene.  Safety first, people.  We are coming up on the hot water in the microwave.  Do you see those two butterflies trapped in the mason jar?  That's not a mason jar and those aren't butterflies.  That is my brain and those are my thoughts.  I'm lost in thought as I prepare my coffee.  stir.  stir. stir.  look down.  "Why is my coffee so...so...WHITE??" oh.  There's no coffee in it.

Sip.  Sip.  whoOP WHOOP!!!  That whistle means that we are pulling into No Where station.  Please do not stand up until the Random train has come to a complete stop.  Be careful when exiting your car for caffeine is on the scene!!!

Happy Good Friday, brothers and sisters!! 
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Here's my current view!!  (Instagram: @sah_monster)  And a song for you:  I'm Healed!! It looks like it's gonna be a great day!  Here's hoping your future is as bright as mine.  All my love....