Sunday, April 20, 2014

The High Price of Submission

This is my microwave.

My super, awesome microwave with defrost, reheat, veggie, popcorn settings and more!  We bought it less than two years ago from Walmart, yet about three weeks ago it went on the fritz.  When I pushed start, the timer would begin but no nuking would commence.  And then one day, it completely gave up the ghost.  It faded away.  It took a dirt nap.

This was cause for panic as I am addicted to the instant variety of coffee crack, which requires, well not requires, but is really darn easy with a microwave.  By that evening, being the team player--save him some money type of a wife that I am, I had found a gently used microwave on Oodle for just $50.  Sweet!  I put my husband in touch with the seller and they made plans for the sale to go down the next evening.  

One day without a microwave.....no problem.

It was noonish the next day when my husband texted: 

Him: I don't want a used microwave.  Just use the one from my office for now.

(This is my husband's microwave.)

Me: Why not?

Him: My gut, bae. Just go with me ok.

God bless text message, for it covers a multitude of sins.

My gut--just go with me.  "His gut" is one of the hardest concepts to believe in and "Just go with me," are three of the hardest words to swallow.  I am naturally inclined to be at odds with and, in fact, want to control my husband.  Darn you, Eve!!

Genesis 3:16 (NLT) "....and you will desire to control your husband, but he will rule over you."

God had already set up the order of authority before man sinned--God, man, woman.  The curse of sin made the concept of submission a loathsome one and secured an innate desire in me to disrupt that divine order.

A few sentences ago, I wrote that the concept of following your man's gut was one of the hardest concepts to believe in.  Sometimes we gaze at these men to whom we have been joined together for better or for worse and think with the contempt that only a woman can muster: you DUMmy.  Sometimes it really feels like we've got it all figured out!---we are at the top of our game! We know what's BEST!  And when it's time to make a move, the last thing you want to do is submit to his gut.  But, the Almighty One has said: Me, Man, Woman.

It can be at times so hard to trust our husbands.  We hold their past mistakes against them.  We can see the way so clearly in our own minds.  We occasionally feel so much smarter than them--perhaps we are.  But, if you believe, if you truly believe in the omnipotence of Jehovah Nissi, the one who "hath made the earth by his power......established the world by his wisdom, and...stretched out the heavens by his discretion," then you must believe in your husband's gut. (Jeremiah 10:12) He made a donkey speak, folks.  Need I say more?

And, so, I had it all figured out.  I'd found a replacement microwave for just $50 in record time.  We wouldn't even miss a beat!  All my husband had to do was go pick it up!!

It took me about five years but now I believe.  I mean I REALLY believe!  And so--I gathered myself.  I submitted.  He asked me to go with him and I said, "I'm right behind you, my love."  I have tears in my eyes as I type because His ways are not our ways and He is just waiting for us to be obedient so that He can show himself strong on our behalf.

Do you know that evening, my love came home, took my wounded microwave apart, found the little fried up piece, (that was probably the result of a metal spoon hidden in a container of food I had nuked), took it out, googled it, found it, and ordered it for $7.


I don't know about your house, but I can't seem to get our money tree to sprout any roots.  So, any little bit helps.  This was a HUGE blessing.  And, even though the piece took a couple of weeks to get here, we were able to use my husband's little rinky dink microwave from work in the meantime.  It's so small that about the only thing that would fit inside it is my coffee mug.  HA!

God is good and His sense of humor ROCKS!!!

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