Friday, January 2, 2015

A Soulful Tango

2014 was my most fearless year to date.

I reveled in a sound mind, felt powerful through our Lord Jesus Christ and then there was this new found thing called Love. 2 Tim 1:7
Not romantic love--I've already been to a couple of dances with that flaky, little vixen.  In 2014, Lady Agape and I began to become acquainted and all year long she danced a mean tango with my stubborn Pride and what was left of my Fear.

Pride would spot a deficiency or an error--or worse a conscious attempt to deceive and would demand a correction.
Lady Agape encouraged grace that bears all and quiet compassion without arrogance. 1 Cor 13  She asked me, "Which of us, Pride or Love, will benefit from your correction?" .....and the music played on.

Pride would witness the fate of the degenerate and the transgressions of the deviant and self righteously spew condemnation and judgement.

It made nasty assumptions and unfounded deductions. It was dismissive.  It was cold.

Lady Agape would whisper "Love believes all things, hopes for all things."  She asked me, "Is this how you've been instructed to treat the least of these?" .....and the music played on.  Matthew 25:40 

Pride would revel in the mocking of the ungodly and spew vitriol until it was nothing more than one side of the very coin it purported to hate.
Lady Agape reflected how love never rejoices in unrighteousness and doesn't act unbecomingly.  She asked me, "If you beat him bloody with your sounding brass and tinkling cymbals, who gets the glory?" .....and the music played on.

Pride would spy a floundering soul, a pitiful spirit, an embarrassing worm of a man, haughtily curl its lip and puff out its chest, standing a little higher with its boot on the worm's back.

Lady Agape would motion with her finger and say, "Get down. Love isn't proud.  Love is kind."  She asked me how it was possible for me to so quickly forget how she spared me the boot in my back when I lay floundering--a pitiful embarrassment.  .....and the music played on.

Fear, who had been cowardly clinging to Pride all along, took a wholly unexpected knife to the back. It screamed in pain and sought an explanation in vain. It chided with a thousand I Told You So's.  It demanded that the dance end IMMEDIATELY.

Agape snatched the Fear and Pride into her bosom, held them oh so tight and said,

"Shhh.  Be still and know that He is God.  Keep on loving.  Bless those who curse you and pray for those who despitefully use you."

She said to me, "Have you considered that it was another's Fear who put that knife in your back?  Praise God you found the remedy: perfect love." .....and the music played on.

I'll be human until the day I die which is to say, I'll always dance.  I found my lifelong partner in Perfect Love.  God is love and if I put my hand firmly in His, not too tight and not too loose, He's proven faithful to lead me gracefully through the most complex routine.  I trust Him to hold me close in my darkest hour and I am a witness that His lifts are always perfectly timed for when my legs get too tired.

We can never go wrong with Love, loved ones.  Love never fails.  1 Cor 13:8